Your Health

At Diagnostic Clinic of Houston, your health is our primary concern. To help you stay in peak physical and mental condition, we have assembled these resources that will help you understand more about common diseases, as well as when or where to see the doctor and how to get the most out of the managed care system.
Health Recommendations
Regular medical checkups are important, regardless of your age. This quick checklist shows how often you should come in and important elements of a checkup for each age group.

Reason to See a Physician
Here is a quick guide that will explain the most common situations that require a physician’s attention. When symptoms occur, we are ready with a complete line of diagnostic services.
Read About Diseases
Have a disease that concerns you? These articles will provide detailed information on the most common diseases encountered in the world of medicine.
About Insurance
Most insurance plans these days have a provision that let you go “out of network.” This brief discussion provides tips on how best to handle insurance questions.
Our Position on Managed Care
Most people are faced with the choice of HMOs, PPOs, or individual coverage. Can the choice you make have a direct impact on your health? The sad truth is, “Yes, it can.” That’s why it’s so important to understand your choices.